Copper Division

Our ROD is the ideal starting product for further processing and can be drawn or rolled into individual wires, braids, cable, enameled wire, flat wire and profiles.

The very good qualities of our rod ease our customers’ processing significantly. The uniformly high quality and purity mean that our rod is much sought after for demanding applications. Whether in electrical applications, infrastructure, energy technology, automotive engineering or aviation: Fujairah Gold ROD has gained an outstanding reputation in nearly all applications.

ROD Production Process

Rod is produced in an integrated process that includes melting, casting, rolling, cleaning and packaging. Fujairah Gold believes in continuous improvements and steers, manages and operates this efficient and energy-optimized process within narrow limits.

Fujairah Gold ROD Quality Assurance

The rod is subject to comprehensive quality assurance. Using process and in-line testing data as well as product test results, each coil is automatically issued a quality classification in accordance with a target/actual comparison for the corresponding application requirements.

Only rod that fulfills international standards and customer-specific requirements is delivered to our customers.

Fujairah Gold plants are certified pursuant to the international norms ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.