Precious Metal Division

We, at Fujairah Gold, produce Pure Gold and Silver in various forms from our raw material Anode slime from Copper Refinery from our Group Subsidiary using the technology supplied by OUTOTEC Oyj, Finland.

  • Silver Section

    Silver is extracted from DORE anodes by electrolytically in Moebius cells. Silver Bars / Granules produced.

  • Gold Section

    Gold and PGM metals are leached and precipitated from Gold Mud produced in silver electro-refining. In hydrometallurgical processing Gold & PGMs are separated utilizing sequential leaching, precipitation and filtration steps.

    Its main advantage for the producer is that it offers a high direct recovery rate as well as a very low inventory of metals bound in the process. PGMs are precipitated as a concentrate and sold in the market as PGM Concentrate.