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As a leading copper, gold and silver producer of UAE we work with large numbers of suppliers across the globe.


Electronic tendering ("eTendering") is a process for sending and receiving tenders by Web based technology, which means only through Soft copy (without any hard copy). Some of the FUJAIRAH GOLD Tenders are placed on FUJAIRAH GOLD e-procurement site. Registered vendor can download the tender documents (by paying tender fee if any) and submit their bid(s) online.

For all the tenders hosted on FUJAIRAH GOLD e-procurement site, bids need to be submitted online only. FUJAIRAH GOLD e-Procurement can be accessed by entering the URL:

  • In case you are already a registered vendor with FUJAIRAH GOLD having a vendor code, you should login to ‘registration of supplier’ by updating all the mandatory details asked for.
  • If you are a new supplier to FUJAIRAH GOLD and interested in participating in FUJAIRAH GOLD eTender(s) then,
  • Please click on “Registration of Supplier” available in FUJAIRAH GOLD e-procurement web site.
  • Fill & submit the form provided on the link.
  • You will receive a questionnaire by email as an attachment.
  • Duly filled up questionnaire can be sent by clicking on submit button.
  • e-Procurement administrator would allot a user id & password based on the FUJAIRAH GOLD Management approval.

What if I face any problem in submitting the questionnaire to get user id or I have some problem/queries regarding your website?

If you are having trouble in getting the user id, please contact our web administrators during Office Timings at: Office Timings: 09:00 to 17:30 Hrs UAE (GST) .You may refer ‘Contact us’ for contacting the web administrators and seek help.

  • Electronic or Online Tendering is just carrying out the same traditional tendering process in an electronic form,
  • Using the Internet. Using Online Tendering, the Bidders can instantly:
  • Receive notification of the relevant tenders
  • Receive tender documents online
  • Submit Bids Online

The security features incorporated in the application ensure that all activities are logged and no unauthorized person has access to data. The data submitted by the vendor can only be seen by FUJAIRAH GOLD authorized person “only after the opening date and time has been reached”. The main security features are:

Process Validation: The Solution has been so designed that any FUJAIRAH GOLD authorized person cannot view the commercial bid of any Bidder(s) till the date & time specified for the opening of the commercial bid is reached. Also, no bidder will be able to see the commercial bid of other bidder(s).

Unauthorized Access: The entire solution is behind a firewall and unauthorized access is not allowed. The login & password of each user is encrypted at the database level.

We recommend you to submit the bids during FUJAIRAH GOLD working days (Saturday to Thursday), as FUJAIRAH GOLD server/database may undergo routine maintenance activities on Sundays/Holidays for a few hours.

Tender Documents such as specifications, Terms & Conditions, Instruction to Bidders, Scope of Work, and Annexure etc. in the form of Word, Excel, and PDF format. Also, while attaching any documents, please ensure that document are free from virus. Scanned Copy, wherever required may also be attached.

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